Prospects maintains international offices through Gabbitas which has a global presence across several continents and operates in multiple languages.

There are three main offices in China which serve the Asian markets of Japan, Korea, China and its territories and beyond. Exhibitions, events, delegate visits and school visits are undertaken alongside communications and visits by Gabbitas colleagues to support growing market conditions. With an increasing number of clients and a stronghold in the education sector coming from Asia, Gabbitas are keen to develop further relations in these markets.

Gabbitas have an office in the UAE, strategically located in Dubai, serving the neighbouring Gulf States and the Middle East. With a growing client network across borders, the team based here mirror the service offered elsewhere across the globe. Consultants understand the markets and clients’ needs – whether commercial or private. This consistency has enable the Middle East office to provide services including recruitment and placements to a stronghold audience in the area.

Gabbitas work extensively in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, and experienced colleagues understand the cultures, languages and clients’ expectations of this region. With a high level of linguistics and ability to interpret, Gabbitas provides the same high levels of service consistent with the rest of the brand and Prospects group. The rest of the world is serviced by the London office. Recent work has required visits to private clients in Italy, undertaking school visits in Panama and consulting on school projects in Cyprus and Morocco.

We have recently completed career guidance contracts in UAE, Oman, Tunisia, Libya, China, Germany, Cyprus, Turkey and Serbia.

Prospects can offer a range of services that meet the needs of customers from individual schools to governments. We have experience of providing education, school inspection, careers guidance, employment services and offender management services internationally including:

  • Curriculum development in relation to developing employability and skills, entrepreneurship characteristics, and character and values
  • Education inspection/quality assurance systems
  • Careers guidance and employment programmes for schools, TVET, higher education institutions and public employment services
  • Public employment and welfare to work services
  • Training of teachers, school inspectors, and careers guidance professionals
  • Supply of education resources
  • Organisation of large scale conferences and skills events
  • Study tours in the policy makers, academics and professionals to look at UK best practice
  • Policy development and implementation consultancy in relation to education, school inspection, careers guidance, employability, entrepreneurship, public employment/welfare to work, and prisoner education and prisoner rehabilitation.

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