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What’s the Point of….? 

What’s the point’ is a series of power point presentations produced by Central Careers Hub. It is designed to be used with KS3 students usually by subject teachers or within a tutorial/PSHE programme’s Careers element.

All 11 National Curriculum subjects are covered:

For the subject department the relevant subject focussed powerpoint and script address the perennial questions of ‘What’s the point of studying this subject? How is it relevant for my future?’ These presentations are genuinely a celebration of the fantastic interesting things that you teach and the uses and connections for them in working life which are based on the London Ambitions goal of using “up to date, user friendly labour market intelligence/information”


Each subject presentation focusses on three specific careers which involve the skills and knowledge gained in that subject and this is the main focus. The sample careers have been carefully chosen to reflect the future London jobs market. There is also a focus on new and emerging careers as well as appreciation that while some careers demand graduate level qualifications there are many which do not and, also, that an increasing number of careers can be accessed through apprenticeship routes. Each career examined includes:

  • what a career involves
  • how to get in to the career,
  • typical salary levels for England powered by LMI for All
  • current and future employment trends in England powered by LMI for All
  • Is this type of work near to where you live? A London Ambitions perspective
  • How one of the jobs can then relate to 13 others


A very interactive lesson plan and extra starting activity are included.  We totally accept that what you can do in your school will depend in the individual circumstances which you work in.  The presentations contain a very clear narrative, how you use them is down to you. From trial and consultation we think that the presentation style would have to vary if they are used in “one hit” over a very short period of time.


Teachers may wish to use the presentations as a stimulus for further research by students. For example:
Students listen to a presentation about a subject and discuss the skills and knowledge which underpin the study of that subject and then work in groups/pairs on researching further careers in same career sectors as used in the presentation using National Careers Service Jobs Profiles.
Ask students to research further the three careers used as examples in each presentation find further job adverts and more information about the skills and knowledge required in each career.

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London Ambitions Manager

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