UKYP Online Elections 2019

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Youth Parliament Gloucestershire Election Results 

Jamie Burrell for Cheltenham/Tewkesbury, Dominic Thomas for Gloucester/Forest and Hanna Doherty returns for Cotswolds/Stroud

Across Gloucestershire young people responded to the candidates’ campaigns, along with information from their schools and social media to vote. In the last week, over 1200 votes were cast via text message by young people in the county. All the votes are in, counted and verified. Young people of Gloucestershire have spoken to elect:


  • Jamie Burrell for Cheltenham/Tewkesbury
  • Dominic Thomas for Gloucester/Forest
  • Hanna Doherty returns for Cotswolds/Stroud


Read the candidates addresses

Map of Gloucestershire

The UKYP Gloucestershire 2019 election candidates addresses have been published. Select an area below to view the candidates and cast your vote.




(VOTING NOW CLOSED) Text UKYP + candidate name to 60075 to vote!!

The idea for the UK Youth parliament (UKYP) came from young people during the ‘Heir to the Millennium’ conference, held in Coventry Cathedral in 1996. Attendees challenged the conference organisers, Andrew Rowe, MP and the NSPCC) to explore the idea of a Youth Parliament and to develop an effective youth manifesto – following this, UKYP was born.


2017 - 2019 MYPs in Houses of Parliament before the UKYP national sittings in the CommonsWho can vote or stand as a Member of Youth Parliament (MYP)?

Every 11 – 18 year old, who is resident in the UK can stand as MYP and vote in the UKYP Elections in the area where they live or go to school.


How long will MYPs stand for?

In Gloucestershire the MYP will stand for 2 years or until their 19th Birthday if this comes first.

Three young people will be elected to be Members of Youth Parliament (MYPs) and be part of the National UK Youth Parliament.


There will be 1 MYP elected to represent young people's views for each of the these areas:


The candidates addresses

Cheltenham and Tewkesbury

Billy Taylor

I aim to make Gloucestershire a better place to live, provide a voice for young people and prove politics isn’t all about building walls!

Read his full address here 

Text UKYP + Billy to 60075 to vote


Connie Stafrace

Connie Stafrace fighting for a better future for the next generation. Environmental issues must be addressed especially waste reduction including plastics.

Read her full address here 

Text UKYP + Connie to 60075 to vote


David Cowperthwaite

Do you want an eco-friendlier society, less drugs and crime, a better sanctuary for the youth to grow up in, do you want a Greater Britain? If so vote for me.

Read his full address here 

Text UKYP + David to 60075 to vote


Holly Harris


Read her full address here 

Text UKYP + Holly to 60075 to vote


Isabella Hawkins

I would love to represent you as an MYP and listen to your ideas because what matters to you matters to me.

Read her full address here 

Text UKYP + Isabella to 60075 to vote


Jamie Burrell

Vote Jamie for Chelt/Tewks MYP! Campaigning for free buses! Interested in politics, news and tech!

Read his full address here 

Text UKYP + Jamie to 60075 to vote


Molly Leeson

I’ll make your voices heard. I’ll try my best to change the things that you want to change. I’m hardworking and loyal. And I love Netflix.

Read her full address here 

Text UKYP + Molly to 60075 to vote


Ruby Lockey-Pope

My name is Ruby and I live in Cheltenham. I am passionate about ensuring all young people have a voice. We all can make a valuable contribution to society!

Read her full address here 

Text UKYP + Ruby to 60075 to vote


Samuel Stafrace

I want to be a voice for the young people in Gloucestershire.

Read his full address here 

Text UKYP + Samuel to 60075 to vote



Gloucester and Forest of Dean

Dominic Thomas

Here to get the change you want, social media that enriches not exploits and to get youth voices heard loud and clear.

Read his full address here 

Text UKYP Dominic to 60075 to vote


Harriet Morris

I will find ways to help decrease period poverty, gain 4G in rural areas and give the youth in my area someone to voice what they stand for.

Read her full address here 

Text UKYP + Harriet to 60075 to vote


Tallulah Di Tomaso

Do you feel underrepresented in parliament? I’m here to change that. Your issues are my issues and I hope to better this community for you.

Read her full address here 

Text UKYP Tallulah to 60075 to vote


Zac Arnold

If you put your faith in me as your MYP, I will work tirelessly to represent you and provide a strong voice to ensure you get a better deal.

Read his full address here 

Text UKYP + Zac to 60075 to vote



Cotswold and Stroud 

Brendan Davis

Fed up of not being represented? Want a candidate that will listen to everyone, not just friends? A vote for Brendan is a vote for progress!

Read his full address here 

Text UKYP + Brendan to 60075 to vote


Hanna Doherty

Make the right choice, re-elect an experienced and passionate voice for the young people of the Cotswolds and Stroud! Vote Hanna!

Read her full address here 

Text UKYP + Hanna to 60075 to vote


Paddy Whelan

I want to become a youth parliament member because I believe in young people being listened to about issues that are important to them.

Read his full address here 

Text UKYP + Paddy to 60075 to vote



The Plan

Promotion and publicity for the elections in youth projects & schools.
Schools and youth projects to promote to all 11-18 cohort and run internal elections where 5 or more candidates are fielded.

Saturday 2 February 2019  10:00-13:00
Candidate Workshop @ YST, 48 London Road, Gloucester, GL1 3NZ 

Monday 18 February 2019 
Deadline for candidates' addresses to be emailed to:


Monday 25 February 2019
Candidate's addresses live on website
Text voting opens at 12pm

Sunday 3 March 2019

Text voting closes at 12pm

Monday 4 March 2019