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Yolande*, a teen parent, overcomes her lack of confidence and self-esteem

29 June 2015

Before Prospects

Yolande* is a teen parent and cares for her three year old son. Yolande is a care leaver under Leicestershire County Council and has not been in education, employment or training for a few years. Yolande has barriers to do with confidence and self esteem which affected her progress in getting back into education or training.

What Prospects did

Yolande’s Prospects adviser, Mike worked with Yolande to move her into some form of employment, education or training.

Yolande felt there were barriers to access employment and training as a care leaver and teen parent making it harder for her to re-engage with education and develop a routine to help her into future training.

Mike worked with Yolande to engage her building her confidence and self-esteem. As Yolande developed a trusting relationship with Mike he encouraged her into non-traditional learning.

Yolande joined MOTEV8’s Chill Enterprises, a practical art and design course that combined group work and independent study. This built her confidence and social skills. Yolande produced a T Shirt design and did independent research on the internet.

The course encouraged Yolande to develop positive relationships with her tutor and students, as she was able to talk with staff about any concerns she had in her own life and this acted as a stepping stone. This was the first time Yolande had re-engaged with education in over three years.

Mike continued to work with Yolande ensuring she progressed in her career aims of entering retail and customer service by completing the Prince’s Trust “Get Into retail programme” which involved a 4 week work placement at her local Marks and Spencer store giving her an insight into retail as a career and valuable work experience.

Outcomes and results

Prospects will continue to work with and support Yolande now she has successfully completed both the Chill Enterprises MOTEV8 programme and a four week work experience placement at Marks & Spencer.

Yolande has now re-engaged with education, both in group sessions and independent study and build positive relationships.

Yolande’s self esteem and confidence has improved, although outwardly confident Yolande worried about getting back into learning, the programme helped put her at ease.

Yolande is now more positive about moving into permanent employment within the retail industry:

Without Prospects intervention Yolande felt she would probably still be at home applying for jobs, with little work experience it was difficult to get interviews. She hopes to use this experience to get into permanent employment in retail.

Prospects will continue to work with Yolande to overcome future barriers and help her into permanent employment.

* Not real name

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