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Support for Pre-School helps their Ofsted grading

"We would not have been able to achieve our Good without your continued support and nagging. Thank you very much.”

06 December 2016

Before Prospects

The pre-school repeatedly received satisfactory Ofsted inspections.  It was noted that staff management was ineffective in providing leadership and overall there was a poor quality of practice provided by the staff team.   The voluntary management committee were untrained and ineffective.

What Prospects did

Prospects provided the pre-school with ongoing targeted support through the Prospects Quality Adviser and EY Advisory Teacher.  The targeted support package involved regular visits, email and telephone support for the pre-school and its voluntary management committee, including advice and guidance through coaching and mentoring.  Support was focused around the Ofsted actions and recommendations and also the holistic development needs of the setting.  A setting improvement plan was developed and progress regularly reviewed, with new targets being set as quality of practice improved.  The Quality Advisor built a professional relationship of trust and respect with the staff team and voluntary management committee to enable effective support to help them to move forward.

The voluntary management committee came to the role with little or no experience of early year’s provision nor leadership and management. The Quality Advisor supported the committee to develop their understanding of their roles and responsibilities as the body with overall responsibility for the pre-school and provided support and guidance to equip them with the skills to provide effective leadership and management for the pre-school.

Once a good level of quality practice had been developed, the Quality Advisor maintained regular contact to monitor that the improved practices were being maintained and further developed.

Outcomes and results

The Quality Advisor’s support and guidance assisted the pre-school to identify and address areas for development.  Regular reviewing of the improvement plan and revision of targets enabled the setting to consolidate improved practice and move forward at a pace suited to their needs.

Improved leadership and management skills of the senior staff enabled more effective management of the staff team and improved quality practice throughout the pre-school.

The voluntary management committee now have a good understanding of their roles and responsibilities as overall responsible body for the pre-school and are able to provide effective leadership and management of the senior staff and monitoring of the quality of the provision.

In April 2016 the pre-school was inspected by Ofsted and graded Good. The Pre-school Chair, Lead Practitioner and team comments: "Thank you for all your help and support over the last year. We would not have been able to achieve our Good without your continued support and nagging.  Thank you very much."

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