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Saeed* achieves a First in Applied Mathematics and looks forward to new opportunities and work

08 July 2015

Before Prospects

Saeed went into care when he was 10, spending six years in a children's home before moving to a foster placement in Huddersfield for three years before going on to university.

What Prospects did

As he was always good at maths at school, Saeed felt going on to study maths at university was a natural progression. The Calderdale Council Leaving Care Team and Prospects helped Saeed with the move to university, creating a Pathways Plan, and supporting him with housing and accommodation costs as well as a weekly living allowance.

Saeed achieved a First in Applied Mathematics and is seeking a career in accountancy or data analysis.

Outcomes and results

The Leaving Care Service is continuing to support Saeed providing work experience and apprenticeship advice. Saeed is looking forward to new opportunities and work.

* Not the care leavers real names

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