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Lewis, homeless, dyslexic, required CV help

26 June 2013

National Careers ServiceWhen Lewis*, 25, came to see a National Careers Adviser he had been unemployed for two years and was claiming Job Seekers Allowance. He faced a number of barriers to working including staying in temporary accommodation, away from his family, as he was registered homeless and was taking medication for depression. Lewis was lacking self-confidence but his desire to improve his current situation, enter employment and provide for his family was driving him to carry on. His determination and enthusiasm was immediately visible to his adviser.

The adviser suggested they start with his CV. Lewis was concerned about his dyslexia affecting his ability to write his CV. His adviser helped him develop a new CV, ensuring that Lewis was actively involved in the process. After this session Lewis was happy and began to apply for work.

A week or so later Lewis returned to his adviser but was feeling de-motivated and un-enthusiastic about his job search. His adviser spent another session with him, re-establishing his short and long term goals to increase his motivation again.

Lewis was worried about his lack of experience being a barrier to finding a job. His adviser mentioned his transferable skills and good personality traits which boosted his self-confidence and left the session feeling positive and motivated.

Within a month of meeting with the National Careers Service adviser, Lewis has successfully found work within a manufacturing company. Interestingly, the manager who hired Lewis told him although he lacked experience his personality, positivity and good natured attitude persuaded the company to hire him. Lewis is now working full time and happily back with his family.

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