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Iyi* was referred to the National Careers Service and is now working towards her dream job as a chartered Accountant

* Name has been changed.

04 June 2014

National Careers ServiceIyi * is 24 and was referred to the National Careers Service by her local jobcentre, as she needed help finding suitable employment. Iyi was a recent graduate who did not have a career path and wanted to improve her employability. Although educated to degree level, she had no experience and was having difficulty finding work.

The adviser and Iyi discussed her situation; they determined that she would need help with her CV, job applications and some interview tips. This was done using an Action Plan that they developed together; a plan would give Iyi realistic goals and deadlines she could work towards. Iyi could listen to the adviser’s suggestions for her CV and make the relevant amendments herself. By working with the adviser, she also felt more confident with the interviews and the process involved.

Iyi was then invited to attend an interview for an office role; she was pleased to be offered the job shortly afterwards. It was her first role of this kind and she now aims to gain valuable experience while working towards her dream job as a chartered Accountant.

Iyi believes that without the support of the National Careers Service, she would still be claiming benefits via the jobcentre; she would urge others to forget their nerves and use the service.

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