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Finding a job has helped Bradley* live independently

“Prospects helped me realise that there are jobs out there for people like me.”

13 October 2016

Before Prospects

Bradley* is 24 years old, he lives in Penryn with his dog, Holly.  He has a diagnosis of Asperger’s Syndrome and has difficulty in social situations and understanding non-verbal communication. 

Bradley likes set routines and tries to avoid too much change.

What Prospects did

Bradley was referred to Prospects Work Programme by Truro JobCentre Plus. He was assigned a personal adviser, Tom, who suggested he attend Ascent, Prospects specialist programme to support people who are long term unemployed into work through confidence building, group working and targetted employability workshops.

Tom helped Bradley to improve his maths skills by partnering with Link Into Learning. Bradley attended Prospects Job Club and was supported to find vacancies and update his CV.  Bradley was encouraged to focus on what he was good at and how he could transfer any skills. Bradley likes routines and is organised and thorough.

Bradley decided to look at employment opportunities within the commercial cleaning sector.

Outcomes and results

Bradley applied for a number of cleaning positions and was successful in gaining a job with Churchill Contract Services, cleaning for two hours a day from Monday to Friday at Penair School in Truro. As he was only working for 10 hours a week he could not come off benefits. He continued to met Tom at Prospects who supported him to look for additional work. 

Bradley was offered more hours with his current employer cleaning at the National Maritime Museum in Falmouth, for seven hours a week, Monday to Friday.  Now working up to 17 hours a week Bradley was finally able to sign off benefits and close his claim for Job Seekers Allowance. 

Bradley no longer needs to sign on every two weeks and has learned to manage his finances. He has moved into a flat and is living independently. 

Tom has helped Bradley secure additional cleaning hours in Prospects offices and this helped Bradley sustain full time work. 

Bradley says: “Prospects helped me realise that there are jobs out there for people like me, sometimes you just have to look a bit harder and be prepared to take any job which pays and means you can get off benefits.  Prospects helped me to be more confident and sociable by encouraging me to go to social events, which I used to find very difficult. I have started taking driving lessons, and this year have travelled to Ireland and Yorkshire on my own, to visit elderly relatives. I have not claimed benefits now for over two years and don’t intend to ever go back onto benefits.” 


*Not his real name.

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