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Engaging Our Schools with HMRC

01 March 2016

Before Prospects

The Inspiration Team were contacted by HMRC regarding supporting them with a Civil Service Local initiative they are involved with called Engaging Our Schools.

The project involved working with a group of 14 Year 10 students from George Dixon Academy with a focus on employment, particularly career planning and post-16 options. The key aim was to highlight to students what to expect from their work experience options, how to m

What Prospects did

The Inspiration team identified employers and providers who could support with an inspirational talk as well as involvement with speed networking sessions.

Key employers involved included: Lloyds Bank, Bevan Brittian Solicitors, South and City College, Intraining and Gordon Franks Training.

Lloyds delivered an inspirational talk relating to skills, experience and qualifications required within the banking field as well as an emphasis on career choices. In addition, Lloyds, South and City College, Intraining and Gordon Franks were involved with the speed networking sessions. These sessions gave students the opportunity to speak with employers and providers and gain an insight into careers, job roles, skills, qualifications and experience required in relation to their particular sector.

Outcomes and results

Overall the event was a huge success, HMRC were extremely pleased with the structure of the events as well as the employers and providers input. The lead organiser involved with planning the events commented: "We couldn't have organised such a useful event without your assistance. The contacts that you have were invaluable in bringing in a range of people from different backgrounds to make the event as useful as possible for the students and you went to great efforts to bring them together in support of the event.”

George Dixon Academy teachers and students also felt they gained a lot through the event and key comments included: “I got more information about different jobs, there’s lots of different types of jobs and I am clear on what you need to do to get the jobs you want.”, “I was surprised to learn about apprenticeships, I didn’t know about this.”, “I found it very useful, I know about different websites I can use.”, “I have learnt about colleges.”, “I am going to Google and look at different job areas, about the company and roles within them.” and “I have been given confidence how to get jobs.”

The organisations involved, Lloyds, South and City College, Intraining and Gordon Franks Training were very pleased and key comments highlighted at the end of the sessions included: “I think the event was fantastic and the students really seemed engaged and all learnt something. It was my first time today and I enjoyed it very much and can’t wait for the next event.”, “Very motivating and inspiring.”, “The students were fabulous, so engaged.” and “Great chance for students to learn about their options after school.”

This project recognises the synergy between the National Careers Service Advisers and the Inspiration Team as an adviser recognised the support that the Inspiration Team could give to this initiative and made the referral to the Team. This initiative also highlights the valuable work being done by public service departments working with schools and the added value the National Careers Service Inspiration Team can also bring to the corporate, social responsibility work being done by these departments.

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