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Alan's new job means he can save for a deposit

“Finding employment means I can now pay rent as I am without a home at the moment.”

13 March 2018

Before Prospects

Alan* was homeless and attending the Salvation Army when he first met an adviser with the National Careers Service at the Salvation Army’s centre. This outreach service provides face to face support for people who are unable to attend a more traditional office or Job Centre environment. 

What Prospects did

Alan worked with adviser, Fiona, meeting her several times. Together they identified Alan needed support with job searching techniques, his CV and employability skills. Fiona was able to identify courses and useful tools to help Alan, who completed a Skills Health Check.

Alan was keen to find sustainable employment, as this would help him save for a deposit and pay rent. 

Outcomes and results

Following the support of the National Careers Service Alan gained employment as a warehouse operative. He comments: “I am very happy and so glad I contacted the National Careers Service. Finding employment means I can now pay rent as I am without a home at the moment. My life is improving and I can now afford to save for a deposit.” 

Asked if he would encourage others to contact the National Careers Service, Alan comments: “It helps improve people’s confidence and I enjoyed the courses and help available. The National Careers Service is flexible which helped with being homeless as I had basic needs that needed flexibility.”


* We've changed Alan's name to protect his privacy.

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