Region - Cotswolds and Stroud

Cotswolds and StroudThose elected will be expected to undertake some of the following:

  • To give the young people in their area a representative voice at a local, regional and national level
  • To encourage the involvement and discover the issues affecting young people whose views and opinions are not always heard
  • To collect the views of other young people through links with groups, schools, youth centres, clubs, other youth councils etc
  • To be aware of topical issues, which affect young people and be prepared to have a view on topical issues
  • To participate in creation of a list of young peoples hopes and concerns called a “Youth Manifesto”
  • To attend the sitting of the UK Youth Parliament
  • To attend any local/regional meetings as organised by UKYP
  • To listen and respect the views of other young people, both elected MYP’s and others
  • To act responsibly when representing the UKYP at a local, regional and national level, and adhere to the UKYP Code of Conduct
  • Carry out their role as an MYP without neglecting other areas of their life: family, school, social
  • To have a sense of humour!


Text UKYPGLOS name to 82055 to vote!!

For example, to vote for a candidate called Stephanie, you would text:
UKYPGLOS Stephanie to 82055


Hanna Doherty

Quite simply, what I stand for is that young people need to be heard.

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Helen March

My ambition is to help give young people a voice, because together we can make a change.

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Millie Radford

What’s the point in a society that doesn’t listen to people under 16?

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George Richmond

Time to be visible! We need bridges not walls in Glos, we need to build dialogue between young and old, for we all have voices, so let’s not be ignored. # time4respect

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