National Careers Service procurement 2018

National Careers Service (NCS) partnership opportunities in London, West Midlands and the South West including Oxfordshire and the South East

Prospects is the Prime Contractor for the National Careers Service across Greater London, West Midlands and the South West. We work with over 30 subcontractors across these regions to deliver National Careers Service to adults aged 18 plus. National Careers Service is funded by the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA). The current service started on 1 October 2014 and will expire on 30 September 2018. National Careers Service is delivered under one consistent national brand but is shaped locally to respond to the needs of local people, partners and employers.

The recently published National Careers Service (NCS) Position Statement by the ESFA stated that over the last five years National Careers Service has demonstrated consistent improvement in quality across all aspects of the service. It has provided locally tailored information advice and guidance and supported customers to achieve positive outcomes particularly for those who are most disadvantaged in the labour market. In 2016-17 prime contractor data indicated that the National Careers Service delivered information, advice and guidance to almost 600,000 customers. An independent survey of customers conducted by Ipsos MORI indicated that 55% of customers progressed within or into employment within 6 months of contact with the National Careers Service.

The new service will support the government’s forthcoming careers strategy, which will set out what the Government will do to make sure everyone has the right advice at the right time. The service will continue to enable individuals seeking learning and work to have access to consistent, good quality careers information, advice and guidance when they need it.

As part of the new procurement process we are asking organisations who wish to be considered for our supply chain in the London, West Midlands and the South West (including Oxfordshire) and the South East Lots to complete an initial, short expression of interest. We will use the information you provide in the application to short list organisations who meet the criteria required by ESFA to deliver the National Careers Service.

This is the first stage in our procurement of National Careers Service subcontractors. Shortlisted organisations will be required to complete a second stage invitation which will provide further detail on the service requirements, targets, numbers and payment mechanisms. We will also require you to provide full financial information and to confirm details of delivery. The deadline for Stage 1 EoI is Thursday 30 November at 12 noon.

Complete the National Careers Service EOI