Prospects Improve

Prospects Improve

Award-winning school and academy improvement service provider

Prospects Improve is one of the country’s leading school and academy improvement  providers. Over the past two years we have worked with over 1,000 schools nationally providing dedicated, bespoke professional development training and support alongside a wide variety of school and academy improvement courses. Our accolades include Education Investor Awards, Consultants of the Year and Assignment Report, Education Company of the Year.

Education Investor Awards 2012

Cost-effective services with sustainable learning outcomes
Our expert team of experienced and skilled staff can support your school and academy in its development, whether you are an individual institution or working in clusters or consortia. We realise each school or academy has different priorities and we will work with you to offer a comprehensive and attainable solution.

We pride ourselves on our range of ever expanding activities offering advice and support on matters such as community cohesion, the Early Years Foundation Stage, parental involvement, governance and supporting pupils with learning difficulties.

Our services include:

  • Feedback on SEF and RAISE online
  • 'Learning Walk' and shared perceptions
  • 'Work trawls' – with subject/phase leaders
  • Paired observations with headteacher/deputy/senior staff
  • Training in paired observations Senior Leadership team/middle management
  • Speaking to pupils – what do pupils have to say about their school and learning?
  • Governor training
  • Courses for middle and senior staff to enable them to prove a track record of success
  • Training for headteachers and deputies in Ofsted methodologies
  • Safeguarding procedures.
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An Introduction to Prospectus Curriculum

Prospectus Curriculum

Prospectus – the new Prospects Primary Curriculum has launched and offers schools the opportunity to be both creative and thematic in its delivery.

Find out more by visiting the Prospectus Curriculum website.

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