Prospects Ascent Model

Aspiration and Motivation - Increasing motivation to return to the labour market and customers' confidence/self-esteem. Interventions promote the benefits of a healthy and balanced lifestyle, identify the personal and social benefits of working, meeting new people and gaining a sense of achievement, while exploring the financial benefits of working.

Skills for the Future - Focusing on developing customers' functional skills and managing their personal circumstances effectively. Workshops cover better understanding of people, sustaining a job, budgeting and debt management. They also cover dealing with change in life and in the workplace, social networking, good communication and knowing the local employment market.

Challenges - Help to overcome personal challenges which prevent a customer from finding and maintaining employment, including caring commitments or dealing with health problems and disabilities or other issues including debt, homelessness, criminal behaviour, addiction, and discrimination.

Employer Desirability - Helping customers prepare for the competitive labour market, overcoming issues around long-term unemployment, help with personal presentation, exploring appropriate body language, managing conflicts, developing a positive work ethic, feedback and testimonials from employers, training for a long-term career and selling themselves positively.

Notable Influences - Tackling and challenging generational, unemployment, environmental and social influences, raising aspirations, challenging stereotypes and perceptions, role models and inspirations, and challenging media perceptions.

Transferable and Specialist Skills