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Inside Prospects: South Cerney Outdoor Education Centre

16 January 2013|Number of views (1512)
What is South Cerney Outdoor Education Centre? In summer 2012, Prospects acquired South Cerney Outdoor Education Centre (SCOEC), Gloucestershire, on a 125-year lease from Gloucestershire County Council.

Moving South London Forward

16 January 2013|Number of views (1001)
Prospects has won a large, new DWP contract - Moving Forward in South London - to help 1,000 jobseekers in danger of becoming long term unemployed. The London Work Programme team will deliver this new project for a year, from offices in Lewisham, Lambeth, Plumstead and Croydon.

School leavers to join civil service on fast-track apprenticeship scheme

15 January 2013|Number of views (879)
Bright school leavers will be able to become apprentice civil servants under a scheme launched on Monday by the Cabinet Office and civil service, which was reported in an article in the Guardian.

South London Business to hold new workshops

14 January 2013|Number of views (785)
Four new workshops, designed to help local firms grow and succeed, are being planned by South London Business (SLB) part of the Prospects Group.

Careers Advice Gap Needs Closing says Prospects

13 January 2013|Number of views (786)
Many young people are already beginning to face a lack of independent, quality careers advice says Prospects, the education, employment and training company, in response to the Education Committee’s report “Careers guidance for young people: The impact of the new duty on schools,” released today.