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UK Education system, one of the best

09 May 2014

The UK is in second place among European countries and sixth overall in a new global education league table.

The rankings include higher education as well as international school tests - which boosted the UK's position.

These latest international comparisons, compiled by the Economist Intelligence Unit, emphasise the success of Asian education systems, with South Korea, Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong in China rated as the highest performing.

It also shows a strong performance from the UK, which is ranked sixth, ahead of countries such as Germany, France and the United States.

The UK's ranking has been boosted by higher levels of university entries.
Finland, which was previously in first place, has slumped to fifth.


• South Korea
• Japan
• Singapore
• Hong Kong
• Finland
• UK
• Canada
• Netherlands
• Ireland
• Poland

*Source: Economist Intelligence Unit

These rankings are based upon a combination of international tests and education data. The leading countries show a strong link between improving levels of education and training and economic growth.

A Learning Curve report accompanying the ranking says that the success of top-performing Asian countries reflects a culture in which teachers and schools are highly respected and "teachers, students and parents all take responsibility for education".

The report also notes that highly-prized skills such as being creative and problem solving are much harder to measure and put into such rankings.

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