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More than 71,000 people attend events

04 January 2018

More than 71,000 people attend events

Prospects Events is recognised as a leader in careers and skills events for young people, organising more than 15 large-scale, and hugely interactive, exhibitions each year. Last autumn, the team ran nine skills events which saw a total of 71,779 people visit between September and November. Visitors included young people, their teachers and families and the events gave them the opportunity to explore the different career options available to them in the future.

The events held across the UK in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland offered a vast range of different opportunities available in each country. However, the golden thread running through all the events is young people who attend are clearer and more confident about their future after their visit. On average 50% of young people said they were unsure about their future prior to the event reducing significantly to 21% after taking part in an event.

Students are full of praise for the events and comment: “The event made me more confident about how successful apprenticeships are", "There are courses that suit me really well that I did not know existed before today" and "There are SO MANY JOBS in the world."

Prospects Events work closely with schools and colleges to ensure young people can make the most of their visit. After the events careers leaders who brought students got in touch with feedback. One teacher said: "The event was terrific! There were so many employers and organisations to visit. The experiments and practical aspect of the event was great and much more beneficial to both myself and students. It is always good to see first-hand, work in action."

The events are also open to parents and families. One parent made it clear they saw the benefit of visiting, commenting: "We came for my older son but ended up also talking to an actor at the Big Ideas stand who inspired my 10 year old how to follow her dreams of becoming an actress.” Another stated: "It was really interesting for our daughter to see alternative paths within her areas of interest. Excellent!"

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