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Tim Wilbur from Gabbitas Education to speak at the Westminster Education Forum

13 October 2017

Tim Wilbur will be speaking at the Westminster Education Forum on the 7 November, a prestigious schools conference attended by key industry figures, and will share his views on the impact of a reduction in international pupil numbers.

In general, this Forum aims to ‘help independent schools broker and further develop relationships with state schools’ and will discuss ‘the future shape of the independent school sector in England including the future of independent schools’ charitable status and the wider relationship with the state sector’.

The Forum will see a wide variety of speakers and attendees from across the Education spectrum, including; Members of both Houses of Parliament, senior officials from the DfE, Ofsted, Ofqual and other Government departments and agencies, schools and teaching professionals, representatives of trade unions and local government, groups representing parents and students, specialist academics and charities, together with reporters from the national and trade press.

Having worked in education for over 35 years, Tim is an educational manager and school leader with experience of headships in both the UK and overseas. He has set up and designed new schools, has experience of major change management relating to school type and structure and has led on financial management, public relations, marketing and communications in schools. He is a former ISI Inspector and advisor to local Government on residential care. Tim now provides expert guidance on the development and improvement of school management, turnaround projects, 360◦ school reviews, curriculum provision and pastoral care across the globe.

Tim says: "the Westminster Education Forum follows an interesting set pattern. There are two key speakers in the first session both allocated 10 minutes to speak on a theme, the chairman then takes questions from the floor for 40 minutes. I am speaking in the second session when 4 speakers have 5 minutes and then questions from the floor. I will be speaking on the important topic of international numbers coming into the sector. I will be using the UKiset data we possess to predict numbers for 2018 which is a different spin on using the ISC’s retrospective numbers. All schools, day and boarding are looking for international numbers to swell depleted cohorts. Over 55% of internationals are in years 12/13 and 94% are in boarding schools. Last year there was a 1.4% fall in the sector with all significant markets apart from China and Hong Kong falling. Although 1.4% sounds a very small number, one or two students can mean the difference between surplus or loss in many boarding schools. I should know, I once ran a boarding school in the north with 240 internationals."

Gabbitas Education, established in 1873, is part of the Prospects Group and has offices in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and a Russian language desk in their Central London headquarters.

Gabbitas Education offers unique and tailored services in all aspects of British education worldwide. Whether it is a family looking for advice on the best education for their child, an educator looking for a new job, a school seeking to fill a vacancy or an organisation looking to build or improve a school, Gabbitas have a service to meet your needs.

They also offer comprehensive guardianship and student services, a tutoring network and corporate relocation education services and, more recently, have developed the ground-breaking UKiset entry test that is changing the way independent schools recruit students from overseas.

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