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My day as CEO

By Abbie Wilkinson

11 October 2017

Being a CEO for the day has really opened my eyes, not only in the sense that I now know what the roles of a CEO entails, but also how to run a successful business that strongly believes in having an equal workplace with opportunities in place for everyone. My name is Abbie and I was presented with this amazing opportunity via my mentoring programme- which has supported me in making the right choices and exploring all of my options. Since starting this programme I have boosted my confidence and gained motivation to achieve my future goals! - The opportunity to become the CEO for the day sparked my interest instantly as I wanted to experience the day in the life and I also wanted to see how Prospects is run and learn in detail what they do and how they impact the people they work with.

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When I arrived I was greeted by Jayne who gave me a full tour and introduced me to my colleagues for the day; seeing all of the different departments made me realise how much really goes into running a large business like Prospects! I was then introduced to the actual CEO- Nick Bell- who gave me an overview of the company and what his role involves. It was so interesting to learn how the company started in 1996 and how much it has grown over the last 21 years! Following this I was met by Phyllida Perret who is the strategic development unit director, and we discussed current and upcoming bids which I find particularly fascinating. I then was introduced to Michael Larbalestier who is the Director of digital learning and we talked about the digital developments around the business; during this meeting I was lucky enough to try out the virtual reality technology and complete the hotel challenge which was really fun! One of the highlights of the day was being able to present ICT employee Rushkan for his outstanding work. It was a nice feeling to recognise someone for their hard work, especially when he had no idea the award was coming his way!

Overall, working with Prospects for the day has shown me how a large business should be run to ensure that everyone is treated fairly and all employees are happy and content with their work and their environment. Compared to other industries that don’t promote gender equality-in particular industries such as engineering have a predominantly male workforce, and women aren’t as encouraged and empowered to aim for these industries compared to men- Prospects is definitely a key example of how equality should be a key focus and how to incorporate fairness and how to avoid discriminatory behaviour!

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