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Meet the Apprentice: Building a successful activity model

02 October 2017

The London Inspiration Agenda has been working with NatWest, and its parent group Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), since the Agenda’s launch in 2014. NatWest and RBS have supported the work with young Londoners in many ways, including hosting two of the London Annual Conferences.

During National Apprenticeship Week 2016, the London team introduced their 'Meet the Apprentice' school activity in partnership with RBS. During these sessions, Partnership Careers Advisers co-facilitate an in-school workshop with a young RBS Apprentice.

Since 2016, the team have accompanied 15 NatWest and RBS Apprentices into 20 London Schools and Colleges. 950 young people have had the opportunity to hear first-hand about Apprenticeship roles, recruitment and progression. Most importantly, they have enjoyed Q&A sessions with young people who have already taken their first steps post school and college.

Following the success of these activities, the team are planning a further 10 'Meet the RBS Apprentice' events for National Apprenticeship Week 2018. They have also successfully piloted the same model with Apprentices and Graduates from a number of organisations in Finance, Property and Construction including: PwC, EY, Santander and property companies CBRE, JLL, Gerald Eve and Cushman Wakefield.

Partnership Manager, Beverley Banerji, says: “These visits are very well received by students, teachers and the Apprentices themselves, all of whom value this unique opportunity for peer-to-peer insight.”

Feedback from the event included:

“Brilliant to hear a personal story and journey. It opens students’ horizons as to what is available. Conversations I had with students later in the afternoon were very positive.” - Teacher

 “I was surprised by how much support a business will give you.” - Student

“The process isn’t as complex as I imagined. It’s given me motivation to search for opportunities.”- Student

“I think the students are what made the afternoon so positive; loads also stayed back at the end of the talk to ask about future aspirations” - Apprentice

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