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Nick Clegg talks to Prospects at a Skills Show event

07 March 2014

Last week the National Careers Service team in London took part in a Skills Show event at Southfields Academy.

Nick Clegg at the Skills Show   
National Careers Service Adviser Trudy Nieto speaks to Nick Clegg and students at the Skills Show.
The focus of the event was to publicise education, training and job opportunities for young people. More than 500 students were invited to try their hand at work activities including floristry and forensics, and speak to experts on a range of stands including the National Apprenticeship Service and Barking & Dagenham College.

The Skills Show was opened by Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, who spoke to attendees about the future of young people and their careers. He highlighted the benefits of vocational qualifications and the importance of helping young people “realise their ambitions and fulfil their potential.” Attendees were then offered the opportunity to pose questions to Mr Clegg.

National Careers Service Advisers Laurie McLoughlin and Trudy Nieto spoke to Nick Clegg about the value of the service and its support for young people as well as adults.

Trudy (pictured) demonstrated the National Careers Service website for two students contemplating midwifery and aviation crew roles.

Trudy showed Mr Clegg relevant tools including Job Profiles and highlighted their value for young people making important decisions about their future.

National Careers Service telephone provision was also advertised as a useful way of receiving free professional advice.

The Advisers offered expert advice regarding study options, and how to map various paths into chosen careers.

Trudy commented, “This has been an excellent opportunity to engage with young people and find out how our service can help them with important decisions. It was good to meet Nick Clegg and discuss how we can inspire young people to have confidence in their abilities and guide them through such an important time in their lives.”

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