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Prospects welcomes inquiry into employee ownership

19 June 2017

Mavis Jones, Director of HR & OD, Prospects

Mavis Jones, Director of HR & OD, Prospects

Prospects joined more than 150 Employee Ownership Association (EOA) members at the EOA Summer Dinner on election night. Held in the Palace of Westminster, the evening was hosted by Baroness Sharon Bowles, who spoke about the political journey of employee ownership and her commitment to revealing the evidence for employee ownership as an economic and social enabler in her role as chair of an inquiry, led by the EOA, The Ownership Effect..

Baroness Sharon Bowles said: “Ethics, culture, governance and responsibility have been at the heart of my own career, the legislation that I helped create, and also the things that I have been pursuing since joining the Lords 18 months ago.

“So it is an honour and a privilege to stand with you in the promotion of employee ownership in all its shapes and sizes, where people are recognised as the heart of business.

“Right now Brexit brings challenges and uncertainties, but one thing that is certain is the direction of travel of public opinion – and therefore of politics – is to seek those things from companies that actually stem naturally from employee ownership.”

The Summer Dinner, a member only event, provided a unique opportunity for the two attendees from Prospects, Mavis Jones, Director of HR & OD, and Phyllis Cooper, Employee Council member, to network with other employee owned businesses in the impressive surroundings of the Members’ Dining Room. Both colleagues took the opportunity to talk to other guests and find out how other companies from different sectors and of varying sizes work under the employee owned model and how they were seeing the benefits of this model.

Nick Bell, Prospects CEO, comments: “Employee ownership gives employees a voice. At Prospects we value the initiatives, innovation and feedback that all of our employees bring through our Employee Council. I welcome the EOA’s inquiry into employee ownership and how the ownership effect benefits organisations and the wider economy.”

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