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Five top tips for beating exam stress

22 May 2017

Prospects works with more than 100,000 young people each year, helping those who are, or are at risk of becoming, not in employment, education or training, young people leaving care and vulnerable young adults.

Exam season is starting soon, causing many young people unwanted stress. With the help of our advisers, we have come up with some ways to beat the exam season stress.

1 Revision
A great way to revise for exams is to use past papers, although the content is slightly different, the subjects are the same. Past papers can help you identify the areas you need to focus on more, making it easier to revise and be less stressed about the topics you struggle with.

2 Ask for help
Don't suffer in silence, if you're struggling to understand something ask a teacher, parent or friend to help. Sometimes other people can explain it in a way you understand better. 

3 Relax
In the build up to exams your teachers will be telling you how important revision is, which is right but you need time to relax yourself. If you don't get any time to yourself to do the things you enjoy you'll become more stressed, having a good work/life balance is important. You don't want to burn yourself out.

4 Set yourself goals and targets
A great way to make sure you revise all the topics you need is to set goals for the week, don't be unrealistic and try to learn it all in one night but aim to revise three different subjects each week, putting a few hours by each evening to revise.

5 Sleep
Sleep is vital - not just during exam season but your whole life. Not getting enough sleep can cause a lack of energy affecting your brain power. It is important to get a good nights sleep in general and especially during exams, you want to be at your best for the exam and to do that you need brain power and energy. 

There are so many ways to help combat stress, not everyone deals with it the same and it is important to find the best way for you, good luck! 

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