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Quality Assuring Careers Education And Guidance: National Licensing

13 March 2017

Quality Assuring Careers Education And Guidance: National Licensing

Prospects welcomes Dr Barrie Hopson, Chair of the Quality in Careers Consortium's, announcement of the creation of a new and simpler national model of quality assurance for careers education, information, advice and guidance (CEIAG) in England from today (13 March). 

Nationally more than 1,100 schools, colleges and work-based learning providers have achieved or are working towards a CEIAG quality award. This includes 30% of England’s state secondary schools and sixth form colleges. Prospects, one of the 12 recognised providers, will now be a Licensed Awarding Body for the Quality in Careers Standard. 

The national award has been achieved as part of a ground-breaking agreement with the 12 current providers of CEIAG quality awards. They will now cease awarding their individually-named awards and will each become Licensed Awarding Bodies for the single national CEIAG quality award to be known everywhere as The Quality in Careers Standard. This ensures the Licensed Awarding Bodies are all assessing and accrediting CEIAG to the same standards in schools, colleges and work-based learning.

Dr Hopson comments: “Just as school and college leaders are accustomed to choosing which examination body to choose from, for example in respect of GCSEs and A levels, so now they will be able to choose from a number of Licensed Awarding Bodies for the single national CEIAG quality award – the Quality in Careers Standard.  I wish to pay tribute to the leaders of the 12 current providers of awards for their readiness to enter into this greatly simplified national system.”

Sue Thacker, Prospects Careers Education Development Manager for Quality Awards comments: “As the largest provider of careers advice in the country Prospects is delighted we will now be awarding the nationally recognized Quality in Careers Standard. We constantly interact with schools, working with more than 4,200 each year and will be playing our part in the campaign to convince the remaining 70% of England’s state schools to take up the award and ensure every young person receives the best quality careers education and guidance “

Sue added: “Any institution already holding the Prospects Quality Award will be entitled to new certification for the Quality in Careers Standard that is valid until the next accreditation. Those currently working towards the Prospects Award will continue to work towards the assessment as planned and Prospects will award the new Quality in Careers Standard to all successful institutions.”

The Department for Education has already indicated full support for these moves. There has been a question and answer session in the House of Commons and we are all hopeful Robert Halfon, the Minister for Education will soon strengthen the Statutory Guidance to schools to include stronger guidance around the requirement to achieve the quality standard for careers. 


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