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Another satisfied customer for the National Careers Service

07 November 2013

National Careers ServiceKatia contacted the National Careers Service (NCS) through her local jobshop, as she was looking for help finding employment.

Katia had previously worked as a care assistant, but her contract had ended and she had been unable to find work since; she was claiming Jobseeker's Allowance and keen to find a new job, as a care assistant or cleaner, as soon as possible.

The NCS Adviser reviewed Katia's CV and suggested improvements; she also referred Katia to courses including "Control of Substances Hazardous to Health" (COSHH) and explained that they could update Katia's CV together when she had completed the training.

The Adviser then showed Katia how to set up an email account that she could use to contact employers and send her CV to them. They also discussed useful job search techniques including cover letters to be used alongside the CV.

Katia and the Adviser agreed a Skills Action Plan, enabling her to set achievable and realistic goals. The Adviser demonstrated the National Careers Service website and explained the use of tools including the Skills Health Check and Job Profiles.

Having completed her courses and applied for positions using her new CV, Katia was offered a cleaning role in a new local company. Her Adviser had sent the vacancy to her and encouraged her to apply.

Katia is now working over 20 hours a week in her new role and looking for full time employment as a care assistant. She has advised her friends and family to use the National Careers Service which she believes has changed her life.

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