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Intern's report on social media supports Prospects Northamptonshire

31 October 2016

Beth was in her second year at Loughborough University, when she felt her time in education was fast approaching an end and she was at a stage where the question: ‘What do you want to do as a career?’ actually required an answer. To gain experience she joined Prospects as an intern. Here is Beth's story.

Much the same as anyone my age, I was unsure, as I have had few chances to put my academic skills into practice and hadn't seen much further than text books in my chosen field - Communications and Media Studies.


Before entering my second year at Loughborough, I managed to secure an internship at Prospects in Northamptonshire working in their social media department. They required assistance in developing an online presence and effectively communicating with young people through social media platforms.


During an independent project I acted as a consultant for the company, researching and professionally relaying this information to my manager. I also developed functioning social media platforms and a report on my findings for Prospects to keep and refer to in the future.


Prior to starting the internship, I imagined I might be shadowing someone else’s work or assisting somebody in their own project, however I was pleasantly surprised to find, that despite my temporary position, I had my own role and purpose. Not only that, but I was treated identically to the permanent members of staff. Being valued for my work and feeling that I had made a difference in the company gave me confidence in myself and my ability to work in a professional environment with an experienced team.


The opportunity has encouraged me to take a placement year in a similar role in order to gain further experience in the sector and I am now filled with excitement rather than apprehension for my future career and what it has to offer.

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