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The National Careers Service for Londoners

07 October 2013

Today (7th October 2013) Prospects will be speaking at London's Employment & Skills Convention 2013.

Brenda Cabras, Prospects’ Director of Employment and Training, and Laurie McLoughlin, Lead Adviser National Careers Service, will be presenting a seminar on The National Careers Service for Londoners.

Recent reports from the CBI, Ofsted and the Education Select Committee have all recognised the importance of careers advice. The advent of Universal Credit will push careers advice further up the agenda as job seekers and those in employment seek support from the only service available to all. The seminar is an opportunity to hear from the prime contractor for the National Careers Service in London, which supports some 150,000 people each year in the community and in custody in all London prisons. Brenda and Laurie will illustrate the breadth and scope of the current London contract, which includes more 400 advisers working from more than 300 venues, a network of 45 subcontractors and extensive co-location with JCP. This seminar will also discuss what recent policy developments will mean for the service in future.

Come along at 11:30 – 12:15 to the Maurice Barnette room to hear Brenda and Laurie talk about the National Careers Service in London.

London’s Employment and Skills Convention promises an exciting and wide-ranging agenda which will explore the key issues for London's labour market, before an audience of invited guests, journalists and London opinion-formers. Debate how to get more Londoners into sustained employment, and achieve a step change in collaborative working across London's complex geographical and political boundaries. Find out more about the convention.

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