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#summerfun - No work experience does not have to mean an empty CV

18 August 2016

Summer Fun - Gaining experience this summer

Think about what you choose to do in your spare time, I mean any time that is not in lessons or travelling to school. It could be listening to music on your phone, helping out in an activity at school or as a member of a school club. You may even be involved in a club or activity out of school.

Write down all the things you do when you’re not in lessons (think legal, moral and able to discuss at an interview!). Once you have your list write down next to each activity what skills you use doing these activities. Finally think about what makes you choose to do this activity, what makes you enjoy it this will give you a list of qualities that employers may be looking for.

Some ideas to get you started:
If you’re into scootering/skateboarding/BMX/skating and loads of other similar activities you will have energy, fitness and confidence to try new things. Patience to keep trying things until you get it right.

If you like listening to music then you are able to relax, learn words, have a sense of rhythm. You are likely to use a range of IT skills you use in order to collect and store and look for music as well as find out about the artist/composer/ musicians? Do you discuss your music choices with others? This would demonstrate your ability to listen to others and understand their point of view whilst keeping your own ideas.

As a Scout or Girl Guide you show commitment to a regular activity, willingness to take part in structured, planned activities as well as planning and organising. Do you ever make suggestions to improve of things, have ideas for new activities? What responsibilities do you have; what have you learned and passed on to others? What skills have you used in projects organised by the group? Think of the last group activity what did you did to make it a success?

Loads of outdoor sports show commitment to a team, being out of doors whatever the weather. Keeping kit clean and tidy, being on time, being able to get up early, prepared to travel, being organised. Making decisions, planning and organising activities, leadership, speaking to groups of people, negotiating, and persuading people.

Only you know what it takes to do what you do within your chosen activity so you need to tell everyone who reads your CV all about yourself, they can’t guess. It may seem obvious to you but if a person has never taken part in an activity how do they know what skills and qualities are needed?

I’m not saying that your hobbies and interests replace work experience but they can give evidence of the skills and qualities that the employers are asking for on the person specification even if you’ve never done work experience.

The #summerfun campaign is run by Prospects, the education, employment and skills company, which gives young people awaiting their exam results advice on how to use their summer break to improve their employability and skills.

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