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#summerfun - Gain work experience, just like Billy!

12 August 2016

Summer Fun - My Work ExperienceDuring my time at Prospects, my ambition to become a journalist has been nurtured by my time working with the corporate sales and marketing team, in which I have been taught how to narrow my writing to be more concise and to convey information across as effectively as possible, in as few words as possible.

I have also been shown the process of how Prospects’ weekly newsletter, ProspectUs, is constructed and edited. In seeing this, my knowledge on how to create an online news article through the use of effective language, graphology, and keeping an audience connected has been enhanced to great effect. To put these skills into relevant context, the process of ‘ProspectUs’ can be linked to perhaps constructing my own journalistic online site documenting my articles, which will be made ever easier by the skills I have learnt from my experience at Prospects.

Additionally, on the topic of effective graphology and imagery, I have been introduced to ‘Canva’ and Photoshop during my time at Prospects. These editorial software tools allow the user to create and enhance their own images and will undoubtedly enable me in future to construct eye catching images to perhaps attach to articles to gain and entertain a wider audience.

Consequently, as a result of seeing how the team run and edit their website, as well as being entrusted with access to edit the website, I was encouraged to concisely restructure the information on some examples of Prospect’s ‘Work Programme’ customers in order to create a case study to be put on the website. This entailed narrowing down the abundance of information into the shorter, more significant parts, formatting it into the company’s guidelines, and uploading it onto the website. In doing this, I gained first-hand experience at effective journalism and how to enhance the reader’s experience.

My creations on ‘Canva’ were used on the company’s official Twitter page, along with a caption and hashtag which would gain the most interactions. This was beneficial to me in a journalistic sense as I became aware of how to get the largest audiences based on the keywords chosen.

Overall, my time at Prospects has been an eye opening experience into everyday work life, and if anything, has taught me to work harder in school! In all seriousness, my experience here has made me more aware of the paths I want to take and those I don’t in the future.

The #summerfun campaign is run by Prospects, the education, employment and skills company, which gives young people awaiting their exam results advice on how to use their summer break to improve their employability and skills.

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