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Achieving ambitions with Prospects’ support – Tolga’s story

12 September 2013

Tolga, 19, lives in Hackney;he has been blind since birth and his ambition has been to go to University to study Business Information Technology. The Special Educational Needs team, part of Prospects’ Careers Advice Plus, has been supporting Tolga since year 9. At the start of his last year at school his grades in English were presenting a barrier to him achieving his ambition. Tolga received intensive support during the year to identify and access an appropriate Functional Skills programme.  The team contacted the programme provider to let them know about Tolga’s additional support needs and make sure adjustments were made so they did not present a barrier for Tolga.

Soon after finding out he had been accepted onto a degree course at London Metropolitan University, Tolga came to the office to let the team know and thank them for their support. The team assured Tolga that the support wasn’t over and they would, working with the university, make his transition seamless. They will also ensure funding for Tolga’s additional support needs continues smoothly to his time at university.

Tolga said, “I feel like I’ve achieved a lot this year. Jennifer’s [Tolga’s adviser] support has been wonderful. She’s helped me through the UCAS process and she’s going to be helping me through the enrolment process too.  I’m just really grateful that I’ve had her as an adviser”.

Tolga’s mum echoed Tolga, “I’m very happy that Tolga has come this far. With Jennifer’s support, I’ve tried to help him to go to different places and socialise with different people, and I’m happy that we are in this situation today”.

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