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Prospects adviser interviewed on BBC London 94.9

23 August 2013

On Tuesday 20th August, Laurie McLoughlin, Prospects Lead Adviser for the National Careers Service (NCS), was interviewed on Eddie Nestor's evening radio drive time show on BBC London 94.9.

The slot examined Linkedin's recent announcement that it would lower its user age limit from 18 to 13, and asked the question "Is 13 too young to start thinking about your career?"

Laurie's response was "It's difficult at any age to decide what you want to do... but it's not a bad thing to start being curious about what you're interested in, and looking into it a little bit further. I think it can be quite exciting."

Listeners learned about how Laurie became a careers adviser herself after seeking help from the National Careers Service. Having once been confused and in need of direction, Laurie stressed the importance of seeking factual careers advice and the additional benefits of speaking to a careers adviser face to face, as well as doing research on the internet.

Laurie gave the audience general advice on what students should do if they hadn't received the A-Level grades they wanted, how the National Careers Service can help young people and how to get in touch. You can listen to the feature here (begins at 1.15.50).

Prospects provides the face to face careers advice element of NCS, as prime contractor across Greater London, as part of a prime contractor joint venture in Yorkshire and Humber, and as a subcontractor elsewhere.

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