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#BAFTATV - The Great British Bake Off

05 May 2016

This Sunday (8 May) the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) television awards take place. Celebrating the best television programmes from 2015, the award ceremony takes place at the Royal Festival Hall in London. In the lead up to the ceremony we are looking at how you can career inspiration from TV programmes and those nominated for awards.

The Great British Bake Off has inspired the nation to get back to baking, and to show off some show stopping creations. The British Cream Tea has returned to its rightful place as a national institution and built up an industry providing utensils, ingredients and consumers. It is against this background that The Great British Bake Off has achieved two nominations in this weekend’s BAFTA awards.

It has also launched new careers for many of the contestants. 2015’s winner Nadiya has now baked for royalty, Nancy set up her own cookery business and website, John has become a TV chef and Edd, the first Bake Off winner, has written three books and now travels the world giving baking demonstrations.

Each of these contestants has turned their passion into their business.

Setting up a business and working for yourself is a challenge. Being your own boss, enjoying the financial rewards and job satisfaction sounds very appealing. But it's a big leap, so it’s important to think carefully first.

A new business can be selling a product or invention, providing a service or selling through a distribution network. You may have specialist knowledge, like the Bake Off contestants, experience and skills and want to go it alone. People start their businesses for many reasons, but if you need extra help you can visit

Good luck to all television shows nominated in this Sunday’s House of Fraser British Academy Television Awards.

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