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Working Futures 2014 - 2024

14 April 2016

working futures 2014 - 2024This month the report Working Futures 2014 – 2024 was published. Working Futures is a comprehensive and detailed model of the UK labour market. It projects the future size and shape of the labour market by considering employment prospects by industry, occupation, qualification level, gender and employment status.

Produced by the Institute for Employment Research and Cambridge Econometrics on behalf of the UK Commission for Employment and Skills, Working Futures 2014 – 2024 is the sixth in a series of assessments of UK labour market prospects carrried out every two to three years since 2002.

The main purpose of Working Futures is to provide a rich source of information that can inform choice and facilitate evidence based rather than anecdotal decision making. For employers, it gives an indication of future requirements for skilled labour, including by industry sector and occupation. For individuals, it gives a sense of where the future jobs may be — and whether they're in growth industries, or meeting a need to replace retiring workers. For education and training providers it gives an insight into the skills that are likely to be in the greatest demand in future. It allows policymakers to think about whether the country is going to have the right people in the right jobs in the future.

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