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City Routeways success for Prospects in the City

28 January 2013

A new scheme to help unemployed workers find jobs in the City is launched today and will be run by Prospects in the City. Aimed at people aged 18 to 65 from the 'fringe' boroughs, City Routeways will offer one to one advice on working in the City, information on what employers want, work tasters and access to sustainable jobs with peer mentoring.

Funded by the City of London and London Councils European Social Fund Co-Financing Programme, the project will help over 200 participants, particularly those aged 20–24 and 50–60, and jobseekers from minority ethnic groups who are most likely to be affected by unemployment. Some fringe boroughs have very high unemployment in black/minority ethnic communities, such as Lambeth where the rate is 60.5% in these groups.

Prospects in the City has extensive knowledge of the job vacancies and the skills required by City firms, and will prepare candidates accordingly. For high level and graduate jobs, the focus will be on highly qualified jobseekers, including those affected by the economic downturn. Less skilled workers, with few or no qualifications, will be helped into entry level jobs including security, catering and cleaning. In some of the 'fringe' boroughs, those without skills account for nearly a quarter of unemployed people.

City Routeways will also target employers in the square mile through an Employer Engagement Adviser, to match job vacancies to prospective candidates from the programme. Katie Mawhinney, Prospects in the City Manager, said, "I am delighted to start work on this exciting new project, which will really help residents from less prosperous parts of London share in the success of the City by accessing new job opportunities."

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