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Communicating with NEET young people

01 February 2013

Researchers at Lancaster University have been studying the use of digital technologies with young people who are not in education, employment or training (NEET). The research, carried out in conjunction with Prospects and Connexions Bradford, examined how Personal Advisers communicated with their clients.

Dr Don Passey from Lancaster University’s Department of Educational Research led the research which involved asking Personal Advisers to categorise their 768 NEET clients into four groups and then report the ways they communicated with each client. Responses were analysed to identify the most common communication methods.Information was then examined for similarities. While the telephone was the most ubiquitous form of communication used, advisers also frequently made use of text messaging, Facebook, and to a lesser extent email, to get in touch with their clients. This suggests that Personal Advisers need to be both familiar with and willing to use a variety of technologies with different groups.

The research makes a number of recommendations which have practical applications to work when working with NEET young people. A full copy of the research is available at the Lancaster University e-prints website.

The University hopes to work with Prospects to extend the research further, to measure which technologies are more effective at moving young people out of the NEET group into positive destinations.

For more information please contact Prospects’ Head of Research, Michael Larbalestier on or 020 8315 1519.

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