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Not just a fleeting affair – how to stay in love with work – #lovework

11 February 2017

Not just a fleeting affair, how to stay in love with work.

In today’s blog expert life coach, Becky Wright, shares her thoughts about how to stay in love with work.

Everyone has times when they find Monday morning too much to bear, when they fall out of love with their job. But what can we do when things get tough or we get a bit disheartened?

When we lose heart we have to find a way to reconnect to what feels important in our life and gives us value. It’s important to think about the things that make us feel passionate in our lives and give us a sense of belonging. When we have our sense of belonging in the world we start to grow roots that help us keep going when things get tough, it helps to find meaning in our work and to engage the power of our emotions. Work is part of our individual identity and our belonging comes from the way we construct our view of ourselves, and how we view others when we interact with each other.

Why do we give up on work?

We often give up because we can’t see a way through, it’s like the light at the end of the tunnel gets turned off. At this point we need to try to reconnect with the stronger aspect of our coping selves. Think about the last thing that you did from the stronger part of you and see if you can reconnect with that feeling, when you achieved a goal, hit a target, did a really good job. Imagine yourself stepping back into the stronger part of you. Using visualisation to do this can really help.
Giving up can be a way for us to step back into a comfort zone, an old pattern of behaviour that often does not help. It might be comforting but it doesn’t help move us forwards.

Why is it so difficult to break old habits?

Old habits can become like old train tracks they just take you to the old places which you are strangely familiar with. To break out means finding where the exit points are and making decisions for yourself. We cannot change the other people we work with but we can change ourselves in relation to them. Think about what your own cycle of behaviour is at work and start to look at where your exit points are in the cycle. Knowing you can change your habits gives you power over your own life and work. Coaching is a good way of breaking old habits and allowing you space to think through new strategies.

What can we do to create new and healthy habits?

To fall back in love with work you need to have a healthy relationship with your job and habits that benefit your relationship. Start to create a list of healthy habits, then look at the list and decide which habits you could engage with and would motivate you. Trust in yourself to choose the right one. We often lose self belief and self confidence because we stop trusting in ourselves and start believing what everyone else thinks. Bring back some self trust and the love will flow.

Becky Wright is a Life Design Coach at New Leaf.,

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