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BUZZ Careers Convention

15 February 2013

The annual BUZZ Careers Convention for SEND students (Special Educational Needs & Disability) took place on Tuesday 5th February, at the John Charles Centre for Sport in Leeds.

The event was organised by Glyn Ellis, Prospects Lead PA, with lots of enthusiastic support from the SEND team, managed by Rhena Khan.

Invitations were sent to all mainstream and special needs schools in Leeds, with a separate invitation to parents of young people with a statement of special educational needs. On the day over 230 students came to the event, accompanied by a large number of adult support staff. Many parents made a special effort to come along from work during their lunchtime.

Students had the opportunity to express how they felt about the convention by putting a counter in a box to show whether they had either liked or disliked the convention. A whopping 93% put counters in the ‘like’ box.

Over 20 local organisations which specialise in supporting SEND young people exhibited their post 16 full-time, part-time and leisure options. Conversations with the exhibitors showed they valued the convention as an important opportunity to raise their profile with young people, their parents and teachers. Many exhibitors said they had more interest from young people this year than previously and felt it was well worth attending.

The Lord Mayor of Leeds attended the event during the morning and spoke to staff, exhibitors and students. When asked how long she had allocated to stay at the Buzz Event the Lord Mayor replied, “I am enjoying this so much I can stay until 4 o’clock.”

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