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Why it’s important to love work - #lovework

09 February 2017

Why it’s important to love work - #lovework

As Valentine’s day approaches love might be on your mind, but probably not in relation to work. Yet when you consider how much time you spend time you spend at work – at least 67,200 hours if you work full time for 40 years – it is important you do something you enjoy.

Confucius, the Chinese teacher, politician and philosopher, who was born in 551 BC, said: “Choose a job you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.”

If work doesn’t feel like a chore to you, you will probably be better motivated to keep going. You’ll be better able to face challenges - you might even enjoy solving problems when they arise and figuring out new ways to do things.

If you enjoy your job you want to learn more and keep pushing yourself to improve your job related skills. Leaning skills helps improve your self-worth. Investing in your own skills demonstrates that you take your role seriously. More than that, being a ‘master’ of your job, career or even industry, is important as helps give your work special value to you and those around you. Gaining new skills which are not job specific, for example softer skills such as communication and team working, also make you more attractive to employers when the time comes to move on to something new.

Finding work you enjoy can also contribute to your wellbeing. According to NHS Choices, the characteristics of work – activity, social interaction, identity and status – are proven to be beneficial for our physical and mental health. They cite some interesting research which shows that people in work tend to enjoy happier and healthier lives than people who are out of work.

According to the Mental Health Foundation, work related stress costs Britain 10.4 million working days per year. However, the Foundation says the human costs of unmanaged work related stress extends far beyond this. This is why work-life balance is important. Finding a job you love does not mean it needs to be your whole life. It is still important to take time to be with family, friends and do the things you enjoy – as well as the things you have to do like running your home and caring responsibilities. This Ted talk by Nigel Marsh can help you evaluate your work-life balance.

If you think your balance isn’t working it may be a sign that you don’t love your job and it’s time for you to move onto something new. If you want help finding a career you can love the National Careers Service can help you.

Good careers advice can help you identify what you would be good at and what you have the talents and skills to enjoy. This means more than what you enjoy as a hobby or have a passionate about – that doesn’t always lead to the best career.

The National Careers Service can also help you with the skills and tools you need to apply and get a job you’ll love.

As Valentine’s day approaches, Prospects is sharing articles on how to #lovework. Find out why it’s important to enjoy your job, how to find a job you enjoy and how to stay in love with your job. Follow @ProspectsGroup on Twitter -  #lovework and share your thoughts on making work enjoyable.


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