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News from the Prospects Leading Parent Partnership Award Team

27 February 2013

Prospects LPPA team has recently issued its latest newsletter. Articles include an insight from Warwick University's Dr Janet Goodall, who examines why some parents might be harder to engage than others and what schools can do to overcome these barriers. Also featured are pupils at Brickhouse Primary School and how they have benefited from the Award.

In addition, the newsletter publishes the results of an Ofsted survey on the Pupil Premium, based on the views of 262 school leaders. The aim of the survey was to identify how schools were using this money to raise achievement and improve outcomes for disadvantaged pupils.

Recommendations based on their key findings include:

• School leaders, including governing bodies, should ensure Pupil Premium funding is not simply absorbed into mainstream budgets, but instead is carefully targeted at designated children. They should be able to identify clearly how the money is being spent.
• School leaders, including governing bodies, should evaluate their Pupil Premium spending, avoid spending it on activities which have little impact on the achievement of their disadvantaged pupils, and spend it in ways known to be most effective.
• Schools should continue to seek ways to encourage parents and carers to apply for free school meals where pride, stigma or changing circumstances act as barriers to take-up.
• Ofsted should continue to evaluate the use of Pupil Premium funding by schools to ensure that they are focusing it on disadvantaged pupils and using it effectively.

Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg, also identified the development of parental engagement as an effective use of Pupil Premium funding.

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