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National Careers Service - driving forward inclusion

18 March 2013

We are pleased to announce that Prospects has been selected to participate in the Skills Funding Agency/Learning and Skills Improvement Service (LSIS) Equality and Diversity Partnership Project 2012/13.

Prospects is delivering one of 47 projects nationwide; other deliverers include FE colleges, and providers of work-based and offender learning. Each project is developing innovative ways of embedding equality and diversity principles in their organisation.

The aim of our project is to improve the quality of National Careers Service advice sessions by enhancing advisers' knowledge of the equalities strands, and their confidence in supporting customers on issues of gender, ethnicity, age, sexuality and disability. We will achieve this by providing training on topics such as challenging stereotyping and encouraging disclosure, and producing adviser guides and training materials for managers to use with their teams.

The most innovative aspect of the project is the concept of an Equalities and Diversity Champion, a Careers Adviser who will provide on-going support and advice on equality and diversity issues across the network. We are delighted to have recruited six Champions from the following organisations: City Lit, Pecan, CALAT, JGA, Haringey Adult Learning Service and the Non English Speaking Language Service. Although the project closes in June, the Champions will remain in the service as a source of expertise and support on equality and diversity issues.

In June, all the agencies within the NCS London network will be invited to hear about our findings, and learn about best practice and recommendations for future development. The Project Manager, Michaela Moher, will also present at the LSIS national dissemination event.

For more information on the project, National Careers Service - Driving Forward Inclusion, contact Michaela Moher, 

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