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Raising ambition, realising potential

27 October 2015

Raising ambition, realising potential

Tonight, 27 October, Prospects will be speaking at the Give Us A Chance annual reception at the House of Commons alongside Lord Freud. Give us a Chance and ERSA, the employment related service association, have joined forces recognising the importance the two sectors, employment and housing, play in creating successful communities. Joining the housing and employment sectors enables the services offered to claimants to be cleverer providing individual support and provision.

This year’s reception is titled Raising ambition, realising potential: Housing Associations and Employment Services. This chimes with Prospects own purpose of inspiring people and developing potential. Karen Mitchell, the Regional Delivery Manager for the Work Programme in the South West will be highlighting our work with our partner, Spectrum Housing, and one of our customers, Shane Hughes, who benefitted from our partnership, will be at the reception to share his story. 
There are a diverse range of opportunities for housing associations to partner with organisations such as Prospects across the country.  In our experience we found that greater integration of services helped us to provide a more holistic approach, gaining better results for individuals and improving job outcomes overall.  If partnerships were upscaled across the country an increase in employment rates for shared customers, moving closer to employment for all, moving from welfare dependency to sustainable, positive livelihoods would be evidenced.

Karen will be speaking alongside Ian Simpson from the Guinness Partnership and Kirsty McHugh, ERSA’s Chief Executive.

To find out more about our partnership with Spectrum Housing visit

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