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#mysummer - Clean up your social media footprints

22 July 2015

The #mysummer campaign is run by the Prospects, the education, employment and skills company, which gives young people awaiting their exam results advice on how to use their summer break to improve their employability and skills. Today the focus is on cleaning up your social media footprint.

Clean up ypur social media footprints - #mysummerThanks to social media it has never been easier to share our lives with family, friends and strangers. We post images of tasty meals and we share cute cat videos. However, we may sometimes post things that we would prefer prospective employers and admissions tutors not to see, forgetting that content posted on social media is in the public domain.

Although judging someone on their social media presence seems unfair, put yourself in their shoes. Would you want someone representing your organisation, when there are photos of them behaving irresponsibly on the internet? Employers, recruiters and admission tutors are increasingly looking at candidates’ online presence to assess their suitability. If you need further evidence that you should be careful what you share online, remember those young people who were recently prosecuted for posing nude on Malaysia’s highest peak? I bet they wish they had acted differently. It is therefore essential that you have a clean social media footprint.

The good news is that improving your social media image is relatively easy. Increase your privacy settings so employers and admission tutors only see what you want. Check all your social media activity and delete anything that could be considered unsuitable, including content you have liked and shared. This does not mean getting rid of everything that is not work related, or hiding your personality. The joy of social media is that it allows you to share who you are with the world – just make sure it is the best version of you. Avoid joining social media sites that could be considered inappropriate, and remember prevention is better than cure, so be careful what you share in future.

With competition for jobs and colleges places at an all-time high, why make it harder for yourself by posting inappropriate tweets? So what are you waiting for? Go to your Twitter profile, and start cleaning!

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