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Seymour Park achieves LPPA

16 June 2015

Seymour Park Community Primary School, in Manchester, was re-awarded the Leading Parent Partnership Award (LPPA) last year, having previously achieved the Award standard in 2010.

he LPPA is a national award delivered by Prospects, which enables schools and education providers to develop and embed sustainable parent engagement practice, for the benefit of pupils.

Seymour Park is an ‘Outstanding’ school, an achievement more praiseworthy when considering the challenges it faces. Its 640 pupils come from a diverse range of backgrounds, and the school has a high social deprivation indicator. 90% of pupils are from minority ethnic groups with 83% having English as an additional language. They have overcome these challenges and, as was stated in an Ofsted report, they are ‘truly at the heart of the community’.

The head teacher, governors and leadership team embrace, promote and endorse parental and community engagement work to help the school achieve success. Seymour Park aims to be an accessible school, and they have improved communication through developing the website, introducing ParentMail and adding extensive signage in some of the key languages spoken in the school.

The school offers a range of extended services, including wraparound care for children 50 weeks of the year; adult learning classes, such as English for speakers of other languages (ESOL); cake decorating; maths; computers; Open University sessions; photography and healthy eating. Family support is also available, such as the Incredible Years parenting course and one-to-one support in school and at home. The school engages with families who traditionally have found it difficult to be involved in their child’s learning.

Prospects’ LPPA verifier observed that parents have been “empowered to support the development of the whole school”, commenting on “the ability of the school to seek positive solutions to meet the needs of their community”.

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