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Prioritise careers information advice and guidance for all says Prospects

10 April 2015

With the general election less than a month away, Prospects has contributed to the Local Government Association’s campaign, Investing in our nation’s future: the first 100 days of the next government, which aims to help the next government – whomever that may be - deal with the issues that matter most.

As one of the largest provider of careers information advice and guidance in the UK, Prospects continues to call for government to prioritise access to professional careers guidance for all people at all stages of their lives. Labour’s commitment, today, to provide access to independent careers guidance for all young people is a step in the right direction.

Read Prospects article for the LGA’s first 100 days campaign:

Careers for all

What do the App developer, the big data architect, the social media intern, and the Zumba instructor have in common? They’re all in jobs that in 2008 didn’t exist. In London, 10% of workers are employed in jobs that did not exist in 1990. And regional cities across the UK are quickly catching up.

How do we ensure the British workforce is resilient in an ever changing global market, with workers progressing through multiple jobs in various sectors during their careers? When 80% computer software engineers are in jobs that didn’t even exist 25 years ago, how can government ensure the workforce has access to the right information and is equipped with the career resilience to meet the challenges and match global demands over the next 25?

Prospects, the education, employment and skills company, is calling on new Government in its first 100 days to make it a priority for every person – no matter their age or stage of life – to have access to professional careers guidance.

Each year we work with more than 500,000 young people and adults so we know the importance of careers information, advice and guidance for helping people of all ages into sustainable employment.

Career success also requires access to labour market information and the sophisticated insight, interpretation, analysis and planning that goes alongside it. Lifelong career professional guidance bridges access to information, then translates it to action, and ensures all individuals at all stages are equipped to succeed in the jobs marketplace.

From the classroom and throughout the career, Government should make it a priority for every individual to have access to professional careers guidance and labour market data, ensuring that our future workforce remains resilient, as well as able to identify, analyse, and adapt to rapidly shifting economic opportunity.

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