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Going for Gold - achieving better outcomes for young adults

24 July 2013

Gloucestershire Probation Trust (GPT) and Gloucestershire County Council Youth Support Team (YST) have collaborated on the development of a new team to work with young people aged 15–21 who have got caught up in the criminal justice system.

A leading social justice foundation, the Barrow Cadbury Trust, has shown nationally that there is scope for improvement in the ways in which young people are helped to face up to the offences they have committed, and access the support they need, in order to move towards a rewarding and pro-social adult life.

The new Gloucestershire team will look to identify best practices from elsewhere, as well as innovating in its own approaches. The team will remain under the joint management of GPT and YST, combining workers from both teams and will also include a seconded police officer as well as drawing on professionals from other agencies as needed.

The joint expertise and skills will be used to create individualised packages of interventions for the young people it will work with, which will initially be boys and young men who are identified as at particular risk of continuing to offend into later adulthood. The new team will also broker the transfer of cases from YST to GPT as a young person approaches their 18th birthday.

Alison Williams, Director of the YST, says, "We work with young people who face considerable challenges during the process of growing up. They need support tailored to their needs, but they also need to be held accountable for their actions and to understand the impact of what they do. This new team has been given the licence to innovate and to think creatively about building upon the strengths of its clients and helping them navigate the difficult years of late adolescence."

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