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LGBT History Month

16 February 2015

February is lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) History Month in the UK, aimed at raising awareness about the barriers the LGBT community has faced in trying to gain equal rights, and the challenges that still need to be overcome.

Throughout the month there will be many events and activities increasing the visibility of people from the LGBT community and promoting their welfare. These will include providing support in making the workplace ‘LGBT friendly’ and raising awareness on matters affecting the LGBT community. Stonewall, the LGBT charity, is marking this month by working with schools, local authorities, celebrities and workplaces to celebrate LGBT history and share their defining LGBT moment.

Ruth Hunt, CEO said: “LGBT History month provides a wonderful opportunity to stop and reflect on how far we’ve come. The gay pubs that provide us with a space to be ourselves, the small groups of people who come together for a common cause, the groups that serve our local communities and the thousands upon thousands of individuals who’ve worked together to achieve change. Our movement is built on strong foundations which will serve us well in the battles to come.”

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