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BBC Radio 1 Newsbeat talks to a Go4It customer

09 April 2013

A customer from Go4It, a pan-London programme delivered by Prospects which assists teen parents and care leavers who are not education, employment & training, was interviewed by Radio 1 Newsbeat about a new scheme to help mothers under the age of 20.

Last Week Chelsea, Mother to 18-month-old Bentley, was interviewed by Sinead Garvan of BBC Radio 1 Newsbeat about her experience of being a young mum and the difference the Family Nurse Partnership could have made to her and her son. The new scheme is line with Go4It’s aim of helping raise confidence and self-esteem of young people in order to help them return to education, training or employment. Listen to Chelsea talking about her experience and hear more about the scheme (the interview starts at 07:44). The story is also on the newsbeat website: Young Mums offered nurse support for their first child.

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