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Teaching in a prison

18 December 2017

Teaching in a prison

Prospects provides education for all young people within Feltham Young Offenders Institution. Since the contract started, Prospects has increased the number of hours a young person in custody at Feltham spends in education each week to equip them with qualifications and skills to break the cycle of reoffending when they leave detention.

A recent Ofsted report on Feltham Young Offenders Institution noted significant improvement in curriculum, achievements and the learning environment – with learners sitting 45 GCSEs, rising to 60 in 2017, compared to zero previously. Prospects teacher, Emily, who works at Feltham was recently featured in an article for the Guardian. Emily teaches classes of eight for 30 hours a week – more than the average full time college course.

Emily believes that education has the best chance of turning the lives of young people around, enabling the offenders to become valuable members of the community. Emily said: “It’s not just about the English and maths, but helping them find some self-worth; that’s what makes it all worthwhile.” ​ Last year Emily won an Outstanding Teacher Award from the Prisoners Education Trust where all the nominations came from the learners. Click here to read the full article and find out more about Emily’s role at Feltham.​

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