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Research priorities from the Department for Education

19 March 2014

This week the Department for Education (DfE) published a suite of Research Priority and Question Papers which set out what the department thinks the important research questions are across key policy areas.

The aim is to make its research prioritisation more transparent and more collaborative: joining with a wider range of people and organisations to discuss what the research priorities for education and children’s services should be. The DfE hopes these papers will kick start a conversation about research and evidence gaps.

Papers have been published covering the following policy areas:

  • Teachers and Teaching
  • Capital Funding and School Places
  • School Funding
  • Pupil Premium Academies Free Schools, University Technical Colleges and studio schools
  • Children in care Adoption Social work and child protection
  • Early education and childcare Assessment, curriculum and qualifications
  • Special educational needs and disability

All of the papers can be accessed from . Papers covering 16 –19 provision and Accountability and Governance will be published shortly.

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